Felt Lady & Make-A-Plate


New Sets (Hungry Caterpillar, Brown Bear, Chicka Chicka Boom, Potatoehead)

Feltboards (picture) for using felt sets

Mitt w/velcro glued to fingertips  $2  for using felt pieces

Toesock w/velcro glued to toetips $5 for using felt pieces

Story Time Felts (Entire Catalog)

Bible Sets - Beginners Bible Sets (picture)

Bible Sets - Miscellaneous (picture) Deluxe Bible, Fruit of the Spirit, Christmas, Easter, Life of Jesus

Bible Sets -  Creation, Soft Storybooks (picture)

Bible Sets - Christian Armor, Tabernacle, Family Worship (picture)

50 Animals/Critters w/rhymes (picture) $12 uncut / $17 precut (pumpkins, snowmen, squirrels,

   snowmen, frogs, chicks, ladybugs, pandas, kittens, dogs, Christian Acronyms)

ABC Phonics (picture)

African Safari Animals (picture)

Animal Park Zoo (picture) $10 precut / $16 precut w/feltboard

Animal Mitts (picture)     Mix N Match Wild Animals (picture)

Bear Dress-up (picture) $10 precut

Calendar (picture)

Christian Acronyms $2 (picture)  (1 frog, ladybug, puppy, kitten, chick, rabbit)

Clock (picture)

Coins with Piggy Bank:  72 coins  $19.99 uncut   ($24.99 precut w/assembled bank)  (picture)

Currency (25 coins/24 bills) $23.95 precut only;  Birthday Cake, Chalkboard & Shapes  (picture)

Color Bears (picture) w/rhymes & stories $15 uncut ($20 precut)

Create a Face (picture)  $25 (uncut)    ($30 precut)

Dinosaurs (picture)           5 Dinosaurs w/rhymes   $6.00        w/Mitt  $8.00

Disabilities (picture)

Dollhouse (picture)      Dolls (picture) including Community Helpers

Emotions (picture)

Fairy Tales  (picture)

Farm Sets (picture)

Farm Animals w/people (picture) $10 precut / $16 precut w/feltboard

Firefighters (picture) $12 precut

Fruits or Vegetables (picture)    $6 uncut    /  $9 precut

Human Body (picture)

Lambs / 5 Sheep  (picture)

Math Sets (picture) (Beginners Counting Set, Early Math Concepts)

Monkeys (picture)  various sets  (prices range from $6-$22)

Musical Instruments (picture)

Noah’s Ark (picture) $10 precut / $16 precut w/feltboard

Nursery Rhymes (picture)

Ocean Sets (picture)

Old Lady Swallowed a Fly (picture)

Rainforest Sets (picture)     Safari (picture)

Spring Tea Party (picture)  $10 precut

Turkeys & First Thanksgiving (picture)

5 Bees Mitt w/rhymes (picture) $7.00

5 Bees w/Hive & Sun w/rhymes  (picture)  $7.00 precut / $6 uncut

5 Bees connected with string & Hive w/pocket  with rhymes  (picture) $10

Spring Fingerplays  (picture) (5 flowers, 5 butterflies, 5 rainbow umbrellas, 5 chicks)  $9.00 uncut

  5 Flowers w/rhymes (picture)  $4 (precut)

  5 Butterflies w/rhymes (picture)  $4 (precut)

  5 Rainbow Umbrellas (picture)  $3 (precut)

  5 Ducklings (picture)  $4 (precut)

Winter Fingerplays (picture) (5 penguins, 5 family snowmen, 5 color mittens, 5 snowflakes) $9 uncut 

  5 Penguins w/rhymes  (picture) $4.00   (w/Mitt $7)

  5 Snowmen w/rhymes  (picture) $4.00   (w/Mitt $7)

Summer Fingerplays (picture) (5 frogs, 5 flags, 5 color fish, 5 sailboats) $7 uncut / $9 precut

   5 Frogs w/rhymes  (picture)   $4 precut  (w/Mitt $7)

Fall Fingerplays (picture) (5 leaves, 5 pumpkins, 5 acorns, 5 squirrels)  $9.00 uncut / $11 precut

  5 Leaves (picture) w/longer Mitt w/rhymes $7.00

  5 Pumpkins (picture)

  5 Squirrels (picture)

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (picture)

5 Monkeys Jumping in the Bed/Swinging in the Tree and other stories (picture)     

While I am updating this website, please email me with any questions and/or orders.  I am a product distributor for different companies including my own handmade sets.

Email me at gidgetpowell@me.com or call me at 216-374-7856 (cell) with any questions.

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WV Catholic  October 15-16, 2012

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