Bible Sets


Christian Armor

Teach the importance of Christian’s spritual defenses as described in Ephesians 6.  Designed for Bible studies, children’s church, story hour, & Vacation Bible School.

27 felt pieces (20” figures)

Teacher’s Manual

#901  Uncut $16

#2901  Precut $21

        Background sold separately.

Family Worship Set 
25 Bible Lessons 
114 figures (Biblical & modern) Figures come with Lesson Guide.

#903 uncut $19 (figures only)

#200903 precut $30 (figures only)

#1403  Filing System with Storage
            Box  $11

#905  Deluxe Home Worship Set Uncut figures, filing system, storage box, Blue feltboard  $39

#200905  Deluxe Home Worship Set Precut figures, filing system, storage box, Blue feltboard  $50

Lessons from both Old Testament and New Testament listed below.

Tabernacle Set

Accurately portrays the rooms and furniture of the tabernacle in full color. 

Lesson Guide includes 12 lessons.

#906  Uncut $16

#200906 Precut $21

       Background sold separately.

Christian Armor and Tabernacle sets are designed for use in Bible studies, children’s church, story hour, & Vacation Bible School.  Ages 3 to adult.

Deluxe Home Worship Set

What a delightful way to teach your children Bible stories at home! Children can re-create these favorite Bible stories and they will remember them forever. This set can be purchased separately or as a Deluxe set. The set sold here includes figures, objects and manual with 22 lessons, a filing system, and blue mounted board (16" x 24").

Set includes 31 figures and a total of 80 pieces.

Designed for young children, so scenes and stories are very simple with only a few figures per story.

Stories included:


God Made Our Lovely World
Jesus Takes Care of Noah and the Animals
Gods Care of Baby Moses
Jesus Gives Hannah a Baby
Samuel Obeys
Jesus Takes Care of a Shepherd Boy (David)
A Special House for Jesus (Solomon Builds the Temple)
A Prayer for Rain (Elijah)
The Bird That Fed a Man (Ravens Feed Elijah)
A Lady Shares Her Bread with Elijah
Daniel Prays Everyday
The Man Who Decided to Obey (Jonah)


A Special Baby
Jesus Goes to Church
Jesus Helps His Friends
Jesus Tells His Friends How to Pray
Jesus Feeds Many People
The Man Who Said Thank You (The Thankful Leper)
A Special Offering for Jesus (The Widow's Mite)
A Little Man Wants to See Jesus (Zacchaeus)
Jesus Goes to Heaven (Ascension & Second Coming)
Prison Doors That Opened (Peter)
The Sabbath A Special Day