5 Monkeys


Set includes at least 4 Rhymes /Activities including:

Five Monkeys Sitting in a Tree

Five Monkeys Jumping on Bed

Five Monkeys Wash the Car

Five Happy Monkeys

Counting Bananas Activity

  and 2 rhymes in Spanish.

Monkeys are approximately 5 inches tall.

Uncut  $13  (Item #9010)

Precut $17  (Item #29010)

Set includes rhymes in English & Spanish.  14” Alligator may be assembled into a puppet so monkeys can fit into mouth.  Each monkey holds respective number of bananas, i.e., #4 tailed monkey holds 4 bananas.


Uncut $14 (Item 7008)

Uncut & assembled $19

Precut $17

Precut & assembled $22

Also available for a short time is a small set of five 2-3” monkeys with a 5” tree and 3” tall alligator of lower quality felt with rhymes.

Uncut $5  (item #STF1)

Precut $6 (item #STF2)